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Sand Dunes

Accompanying the BBC2 series 'Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher', this is a fresh take on Ancient Egypt from the TV historian and one of the world's leading Egyptologists.

By Joann Fletcher | 28 July 2016



Life, Myth and Art 

Ancient Egypt, a fabulous blend of text and images, is a richly illustrated introduction to this extraordinary culture, taking in breathtaking pyramids, monumental temples and exquisite wall paintings.

By Joann Fletcher | 7 Oct  1999

Oils & Perfumes of Ancient Egypt

A fascinating exploration of the use of scents in ancient Egyptian society. A must-read for anyone interested in ancient history or aromatherapy.

By Joann Fletcher | 1 Oct  1988

The Search for Nefertiti

Jo reveals how she and her expert team identified a long-forgotten mummy from the Valley of the Kings whom she believes is Nefertiti. Her story will change the way we see women throughout Egyptian history. 

By Joann Fletcher | 1 Aug 2005

Chronicle of a Pharaoh the Intimate Life of Amenhotep III.jpg

Chronicle of a Pharaoh: The Intimate Life of Amenhotep III 

A unique and intimate portrait of Amenhotep III, the man and self-proclaimed god who presided over the zenith of Egypt's greatness. Oxford University Press (also published as Egypt’s Sun King: Amenhotep III, DBP, London). 

By Joann Fletcher | 9 Nov  2000

Alexander The Great: Son Of The Gods

A captivating and well-researched biography that offers a vivid portrayal of one of history's greatest leaders. Highly recommended.

By Alan Fildes & Joann Fletcher | 4 Oct  2004

Drawing on astonishing new evidence Cleopatra’s life is revealed in  glorious detail, discovering the real woman behind the myths.

By Joann Fletcher | 5 April 2011

The Egyptian Book of Living and Dying: The Illustrated Guide to Ancient Egyptian Wisdom

This book delves into beliefs and practices of the Egyptian priesthood and its role in placating the gods and preserving the immortality of the dead.

By Joann Fletcher | 18 Jan 2012

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