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07 Jo filming Ancient Egypt Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings with cameraman David
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Prof Joann Fletcher

Welcome to Immortal Egypt

Thank you for visiting my official site for all things Egypt, from the first Egyptians to the last of the Pharaohs and beyond. And Yorkshire, obviously! Jo : )

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Amazing true identity of mummified body in Bolton's royal tomb

TV Egyptologist Prof Joann Fletcher explores the only replica royal tomb outside of Egypt, revealing how she and her team discovered the shocking mystery identity of the mummified body at Bolton Museum. Prof Fletcher and museum curator Ian Tumble reveal its secrets as they explore its final resting place, an exact replica of the burial chamber of Egyptian pharaoh Tuthmosis III.

Take a virtual tour of the tomb below. 

For more read Jo's blogs at

Video and virtual tour by

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3D VIRTUAL TOUR: Bolton Museum: Replica Ancient Egyptian Tomb of TUTHMOSIS III

 Step into this amazing 3D virtual tour of an exact full-size replica tomb of Tuthmosis III at Bolton Museum in the UK - the only replica of its kind outside Egypt. The story of the tomb and the real identitity of the royal mummified body on display inside is brought to life by Prof Joann Fletcher and the museum's Eygtology curator Ian Trumble.

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Tut'22 Live: An exclusive audience with
Prof Joann Fletcher & Dr Stephen Buckley

TV's Egyptology couple Prof Joann Fletcher and partner Dr Stephen Buckley join The Yorkshire Post and The Star's Graham Walker to unwrap their career highlights in this rare and exclusive interview. 

The two-hour Barnsley Museums fund-raiser, originally a PPV live stream, filmed in front of an audience at Barnsley Sixth Form College is now presented here with additional visuals as a special director cut version. It  was the finale of a  Tut ‘22: The Life of Tutankhamun temporary exhibition at Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre, curated by Prof Fletcher, which attracted 40,000+ in person visitors, marking  the century of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and incredible local links.

Video and live stream by

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3D VIRTUAL TOUR: Tut'22: The Life Of Tutankhamun

 Step this way for an amazing 3D virtual tour of the exhibition curated by Prof Joann Fletcher at Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre which celebrates the Yorkshire towns links with the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb 100 years ago. It features almost 300 objects and artefacts, many on loan from Bolton Museum. The digital tour includes 121 hotspots, providing extended information and hours of fun, with 3D objects, videos, photos, page turning e-Mags, downloadable publications, children's worksheets and more. Watch Jo's video above and see her Blogs page.

3D tour by

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Tut'22: The Life Of Tutankhamun at Experience Barnsley

 Jo welcomes you to the most recent exhibition she has curated for Barnsley Museums, in association with Bolton Museum, which celebrates the South Yorkshire town's links with the discovery of the Boy King's tomb on the 100th anniversary, running until March 18, 2023.  For more see Jo's Blogs page and take the 3D virtual tour below.

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3D VIRTUAL TOUR: Resurrecting Ancient Egypt:
A Monumental Yorkshire Journey

This exclusively commissioned body of work, researched, designed and curated by Professor Joann Fletcher - with images by Jennifer Robertson LRPS and Lynne Fletcher of Kyte Photography - looks at the Egyptian inspired architecture found throughout Yorkshire.It reflects the West’s enduring fascination with Egypt’s ancient monuments, long regarded as the ultimate symbols of immortality, copied and constructed for centuries right across Europe. A Touring Exhibition from Barnsley Museums, it is presented here by Scarborough Museums and Galleries at Scarborough Art Gallery - Nov 5, 2022 to March 18, 2023.

3D tour by

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Immortal Egypt: The Definitive Ancient Egypt Documentary

Watch Jo's BBC series 'Immortal Egypt' here in its entirety - almost four hours of compulsive viewing, which has already had more than 22 MILLION views on YouTube with millions more on BBC2 and BBC4. The Youtube version is provided by Odyssey, part of the History Hit Network - part of History Channel.For queries, contact

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